Empire or Humanity?

Empire or Humanity?

This is very well done video that documents America’s Imperial march across the world.

Boost Military and Rein in Domestic Spending

President Bush on Monday submitted a $3.1-trillion budget for the next fiscal year that reflected his strategy for dealing with a costly war and a troubled economy: substantially boost military expenditures, rein in domestic spending — including for Medicare — and more than double the deficit. Full article here… Mr. Bush continues to raid the […]

Acts of a Dictator

Bush continues to act outside his power and thumb his nose at Congress. It’s about as basic as it gets: Congress has the power of the purse. And Section 1222 of the massive defense appropriation bill enacted this week asserts that power. It reads, in its entirety: “No funds appropriated pursuant to an authorization of […]

The Real State of the Union

Why does W bother making promises? We all know that talk is cheap.

Bush Doesn’t Know Much

Nicely edited piece to express W’s true ability to articulate.

Babbling Boob!

Some of W’s many miscues.

Spending Freeze…What’s That?

Looks like the Mr. Bush is going to try and close the barn door after the horse has left, trampled the garden, shit on the lawn, taken a bath in the pool… and finally balance the budget. Why now you may ask. Your guess is as good as mine. See the specifics…